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MODI’S Pipes enhances Unparalleled quality and superior safety CONDUIT PIPES The top of the line ‘ Concealed - electrical - wiring’ has become a decisive norm of the day in modern constructions arena. To enhance the safety and security installation process, Conduit Pipes of varied strengths are used to encase the wiring and placed in grooves carved on the brick surface, before the walls and ceilings are plastered and cemented. Since the conduit pipes are invalid, they should remain intact for the life of the building. This phenomenal aspect distinguishes MODI’S from the competing clutter ensuring safety from electrical and fire hazards. MODI’S conduit pipes also stand the test of time against all kinds of weather conditions. MODI’S pipes come in ivory shades and sizes besides providing a hassle-free experience.
Modis Conduit Pipes Manufacturer in Chennai
Modis conduit pipes
Modis conduit pipes in chennai
Cassing N Capping External wiring always poses a huge risk of either short circuit or electric shock. it is a safe practice to use casing to protect electrical wiring from the onslaught of elements such as weather dust and rodents. Safety and security alone, however, cannot be the only consideration in today's perfection - seeking world. wiring installations must merge themselves into the decor and appear as discreet as possible. Fulfilling this in need of safety and beauty is Modi's cassing ‘N’Capping & accessories. Modis is the only name in the country to be given a patent for their unique product design. elegant and sturdy, Modi's cassings blend smoothly into the ambiance of any setting, offering not only a sleek and sophisticated appearance but a safe and secure one as well. For safety and quality choose Modis
MODI'S - FIT CASSING N CAPPING ACCESSORIES MODI'S - FIT. ANOTHER FIRST FROM THE PIONEERS AND LEADERS From the house of Modis, the first to introduce the cassing n capping concept to India comes another innovative product. presenting Modi - fit, India's first fire - retardant cassing n capping accessories. make the safest choice. Insist only on Modi - fit for your wiring applications, because thousands of people can depend on it to prevent fire, preserve lives and protect property every day. MODI'S- FIT. FOR STATE OF THE ART DESIGN AND MANUFACTURING. Modi's - fits unrivaled excellence comes from its advanced, computer-aided design and its unmatched manufacturing standards using the latest, state of the art computerized machines. This superior finish is evident in the sleek, contemporary look of the all-new junction boxes as well as the matching colors that ensure a perfect fit with Modi's - fit cassing n capping. MODI'S- FIT. FOR COMPLETE SAFETY Made from a unique flame - retardant polymer, for the first time in India, Modi's - fit is ideal for any electrical housing and various appliances. no more worries of fire from an electrical short circuit because, unlike ordinary accessories, Modi 's- fit effectively prevents the spread of fire, ensuring total safety. MODI'S - FIT. NEWER, BETTER. Specially manufactured for the modern interiors and exacting standards of the future, Modi's - fits the range of accessories comes with an array of improved features . for instance, the new and more elegantly curved shapes with flexible mounting for a ceiling rose or bulb holders along with increased space in junction boxes to accommodate more wires. they are also sturdier and stronger to last even longer. For all your electrical wiring needs, fit nothing but the best. Insist on Modi's - fit, that's it!
Manufacturing : Our Company Headquartered in Chennai in the state of Tamil Nadu, and other factories in Jalna & Daman, India, we have a very much active industry working 24 / 7. A very able and dedicated team working in our industry is the most important support our company has. It works all around the clock to serve our clients with our most valuable items.