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Casing N Capping

MODI’S are the founders of casing and capping as we know it today. MODI’S was given a patent in 1984, for its unique casing & capping design and functionality. It is an ideal conceal-cum-open wiring method. Our casing & capping allows you to open, add new wires, identify, and repair short-circuit points, and close it. It is smooth, sleek, elegant, long-lasting, durable, and holds up the wires safely.

All our casing ‘n’ capping is made using virgin PVC and ISI certified under IS 14927 Part II.

MODI’S Casing ‘n’ Capping is unique

  • MODI’S CnC are ISI certified under IS 14927 Part II. 

  • MODI’S CnC has a superior single-locking feature with a grooved edge-lining; in case of any fault, it is easy to open, repair, and   close it whenever required.

  • MODI’S CnC are smooth, sleek, elegant, long lasting, and durable. 

  • MODI’S CnC help in faster installation without hurting the electricians. 

  • MODI’S CnC are approved in PWD and Government projects.  Want to install an electrical point at the last minute? MODI’S CnC is   your go-to option. 

  • MODI’S CnC has a reinforced locking mechanism, which comes in handy when you add an extra wire.



MODI'S Trunkings are made from PVC and are mainly used to protect, route, and organize all messy, surface electrical wires, telecommunication cables, and IT network cables in offices and telecom companies. They are an ideal product if you need to access the cables for rewiring or repair. MODI’S Trunkings protect your cables from dust and falling objects.

  • MODI'S Trunkings are unique.

  • MODI’S Trunkings have superior locking facility. 

  • MODI’S Trunkings are excellent cable protection. 

  • MODI’S Trunkings have low fire risk and are self-extinguishing. 

  • MODI’S Trunkings are available in: 50mm x 50mm, 75mm x 50mm, 75mm x 75mm, 100mm x 50mm.


Fit (Casing & Pipe Accessories)

MODI’S Fit is a collection of high-quality accessories meant to support it's range of Casing ‘n’ Capping and Conduit Pipes. Quality products need equally high grade accessories to support their continued functioning and aesthetic appeal.

MODI’S Fit is manufactured in an independent unit, using the best grade of virgin materials and ensuring adherence to stringent quality checks.

       MODI’S Fit is designed to match to MODI’S unique products. 

  • MODI’S Fit are made only from virgin materials. 

  • MODI’S Fit adhere to stringent quality checks. 

  • MODI’S Fit are available in a wide range. 

  • MODI’S Fit are a perfect match for MODI’S CnC and MODI’S CP. 

Casing Accories.jpg

Conduit Pipes

MODI’S, today, is a well-known brand for its quality conduit pipes. It is an ideal product for concealed and surface wiring by major construction companies to build mega projects, high-rise buildings, PWD projects, homes, offices and other industrial and commercial Buildings . MODI’S Conduit Pipes are FRLS pipes, made of virgin UPVC. They have an excellent quality and a smooth finish. MODI’S Conduit Pipes are ISI certifed under IS 9537 Part III.

      MODI'S Conduit Pipes are unique. 

  • MODI’S CP are ISI certified under IS 9537 Part III. 

  • MODI’S CP are strong AND spring-bendable. 

  • MODI’S CP are available only in ivory shade as we do not use carbon. 

  • MODI’S CP are available in 20 mm, 25 mm, 32 mm, 40mm ,50 mm and 63 mm. 

  • MODI’S CP are available in Variants like , Light, Medium, and Heavy mechanical stress .

  • MODI’S CP are approved in PWD and all major projects.


Corrugated Flexible Pipes

MODI’S Flex Corrugated Flexible Pipes are highly flexible and strong pipes made of virgin Plastic that serve many purposes. MODI’S Flex are much thicker than the corrugated flexible pipes available in the market. They are available only in Ivory shade because they are manufactured using only virgin materials. It is an ideal product for people who are only looking for quality flexible pipes.

       MODI’S Flex Corrugated Flexible Pipes are unique. 

  • MODI’S Flex are available only in ivory shade because they are made from virgin PP material and are carbon-free. 

  • MODI’S Flex can be used in your homes, offices, and automobiles to hide all your messy wires. 

  • MODI’S Flex can also be used for AC ducts. 

  • MODI’S Flex is highly flexible, has anti-distortion, good bending performance, and can withstand heavy loads

  • MODI’S Flex can be used in the manufacture of panel board wiring, electrical insulation, automobile  manufacturing, lighting equipment, automation, and other industries. 

  • MODI’S Flex pipes do not break easily and stretch well.

  • MODI’S Flex are available in 6 sizes.- 16mm,20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm & 50mm.


Insulation Tapes

MODI’S Tapes are FR electrical insulation tapes meant to insulate electrical wires and protect us from electric shocks.

They are made of a combination of PVC and high-quality adhesive.They are used in covering electrical/power wire joints in construction, automotive, and industrial applications.

       MODI’S Tapes are unique. 

  • MODI’S Tapes are ISI certified under IS 7809. 

  • MODI’S Tapes have an excellent grip due to superior quality adhesive.

  • MODI’S Tapes are highly elastic. They stretch well and unwind easily.

  • MODI’S Tapes have been tried and tested to successfully withstand upto 40 KV. 

  • MODI’S Tapes are antistatic. 

  • MODI’S Tapes are available in 5 colours: Black, Blue, Yellow, Red, and Green.

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