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About Us

MODI’S was started in 1982 under the able and visionary leadership of Shri. Dinesh V. Modi. The unique design of PVC casing and capping was granted a patent in 1984 and the product lives on.

You can spot MODI’S at most prominent places like Airports, Railway Stations, Five-star Hotels, Stadiums, most prominent temples and halls of worship, Call centers, IT Establishments and Enterprises, and other Governmental and PWD Establishments.

MODI’S has been growing from strength to strength. What started as a modest industrial enterprise now enjoys a presence across the country, with a bouquet of offerings.

MODI’S has grown by the sheer merit of its quality. For over three decades now, MODI’S has become synonymous with casing ‘n’ capping, without the backing of any large-scale marketing or branding activity. This speaks volumes about the consistency of quality in our products and the continued trust of our customers. Every other product of MODI’S bouquet offerings adhere to the same non-compromising quality.

MODI’S employs their in-house R&D to continually reinvent themselves to aim towards the optimal combination of materials and the optimal product design, thereby staying updated on the latest technology in the industry. We aim to produce sturdy, long-lasting and environment-friendly products.

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