MODI’S CnC (Casing ‘n’ Capping)


MODI’S are the founders of casing and capping as we know it today. MODI’S was given a patent in 1984 for its unique casing and capping design and functionality. It is an ideal conceal-cum-open wiring method. It allows you to open, add new wires, identify, and repair short-circuit points, and close it. It is smooth, sleek, elegant, long lasting, durable, and holds up the wires safely. All our casing ‘n’ capping are made using virgin PVC and are ISI certied under IS 14927 Part II.

      MODI’S Casing ‘n’ Capping is unique

  • MODI’S CnC are ISI certied under IS 14927 Part II. 

  • MODI’S CnC has a superior single-locking feature with a grooved edge-lining; in case of any fault, it is easy to open, repair, and close it whenever required.

  •  MODI’S CnC are smooth, sleek, elegant, long lasting, and durable. 

  • MODI’S CnC help in faster installation without hurting the electricians. 

  • MODI’S CnC are approved in PWD and all major projects.  Want to install an electrical point at the last minute? MODI’S CnC is your go-to option. 

  • MODI’S CnC has a reinforced locking mechanism, which comes in handy when you add an extra wire.

Casing ‘n’ Capping